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The TectApp® = Wisdom on Demand


For design professionals, it's the shortest path from keyword to product expert


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We're making it easy for you to be found


Hear how we're closing the gap between manufacturers and design professionals.


The TectApp® is a missing piece of infrastructure that allows you to multiply sales, earn the trust of design professionals, and land new projects at the early design stage. 


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It's about nurturing authentic relationships

Manufacturers and reps have unparalleled product knowledge, but that expertise is too often locked up behind sales and marketing efforts that simply get in the way. With tect, we help product experts earn the trust and confidence of design professionals.





Let's have a discovery call

From keyword to product expert in two clicks

Access projects at the earliest stages of design

Tired of chasing opportunities only to arrive late to the decision table? With the tectApp®, we remove friction and open the lines of communication, allowing earlier engagement at the moment important product decisions are being made.


Build long-term, trusted relationships

Supporting teams at the design stage is quite different than selling at the bid stage. The tectAcademy is like a Master Class on serving design professionals early, and gives you the tools and insight to become a trusted product partner for years to come.


Stand out in the locations and markets you serve

Design professionals don't always know where your products are available. With tectGeo™, you can define your territories, by product category and sales rep, making it easier for decision makers to connect with your sales team based on proximity to their project location.


This is not another product directory... It's a platform where people find people



For Design Professionals

Free access to the experts behind the products


Our communication platform empowers design professionals to connect with location-specific building product experts.

Search Building Product Experts

Searching manufacturers websites takes a lot of time. With tect, you have a central place to quickly find the experts and specific answers you need.


Filter by Project Location

It's hard to know which manufacturers to consider. With tect, you can filter results by specific project location to see the companies most relevant to your project. 


Connect by Phone or Email

It's difficult for manufacturers to know when you need their help. With tect, you initiate the conversation by Phone or Email, at the moment you need help from an expert.


Built for the way design teams work


The TectApp® was developed with input from more than a thousand building industry professionals to save time and improve project outcomes.


Let's have a discovery call

A focused tool for architects is really nice to see. Great look and feel. Very cool.
Jeffrey B., Senior Project Manager
Regional Design/Build Firm
A global solution would be good for companies like mine, since we need to deal with the same issues on every project around the world.
Edwin G., Senior Project Manager
Global CRE Services Firm
Wow... I like it a lot... and it's thoughtful in the way you understand the needs of an architect and have made it easy and simple.
Jeff S., Principal
Regional Architecture Firm
Having access to information without entering a lot of personal data is a real plus.
Rafael G., Principal
Global Architecture Firm


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You've heard of the Metaverse? This is different... We're building a "Peopleverse®" for the building industry. The podcast and YouTube show are just the beginning.

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