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Introducing the TectAcademy™


A master class designed to help manufacturing sales teams earn the trust and loyalty of design professionals 


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Are you tired of chasing projects?

Manufacturing great products and selling them to contractors and owners is table stakes. Building a loyal following of design professionals who invite you to the design table early and often is critical to your long-term success.



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Meet Sam

Sam is National Sales Director of Res-Tek, a leading manufacturer of resinous and acrylic flooring and concrete repair solutions. With 25 years in the flooring industry, he’s held roles in sales and corporate management.

Realizing its long-term benefits, he’s tasked each of his sales managers with completing the TectAcademy™ curriculum and reintroduces what they’ve learned as part of his agenda at regular sales team meetings.


Meet Candace

Candace Kitchen is a Customer Service Specialist with Total Door Systems. When we started working together, her biggest challenge was being able to get invited into design offices early, when important product decisions were being made.

Shortly after applying the insight she gained from our work together, Candace found herself being sought out by design firms that value her time, experience and wisdom.


Shift your mindset from transactions to relationships

We help Manufacturers

Earn the trust of design professionals

Engage early, when important product decisions are being made

Land 3-4X more project opportunities with no cold-calling

Receive direct calls from decision makers on active projects

Increase sales by staying in the specification at bid time


Our clients land projects earlier and more often because design professionals trust them.

The results speak for themselves.






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Learn what the Top 4% design firms know that you don't


Learn the five simple shifts that you and your team can make to multiply sales, earn the trust of design professionals, and land new projects at the early design stage 


"This stuff is VALUABLE: Every. Single. Manufacturer's Rep should be required to take this course before entering an architect's office."
David Corle
Hospitality & Multifamily Division Leader @ HMI Glass



Manufacturers and Product Experts

Ready to elevate?


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