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In many ways the building industry is still very much like the wild west, even in a time when technology and data are overly abundant. The podcast—a piece of the Peopleverse—explores the people and the stories behind the projects that remind us why we got into this industry in the first place and to build relationships along the way.

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Presentation Recap:

This presentation was given at the AIAS FORUM | CONVERGE 2022 conference by architects Bob Habian, AIA and Evan Troxel, AIA on January 8, 2022.

We know you are the future of our profession, and we are here to help jumpstart your careers and realize your vision for the profession we all love. The theme of the talk is 'time travel' with a message for architecture students from architects that have been in the profession for a few decades.

What can you begin doing today to enhance your success as you embark on your career journey in the profession of architecture? Find out what we would tell our younger selves if we had the chance.

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